A Pinch of Salt

A Pinch of Salt

  • Daniel Kramp
  • 08/15/22
Where: 35 E 21st St, New York, NY 10010 | Flatiron
Cosme does not have a Michelin star (yet) but it is on the Michelin guide, and its food is outstanding, which is good enough for me 😉! 

Cosme’s menu lists its dishes as rows of ingredients that change with the seasons. Snack your way through a medley of Grilled Octopus Tostadas, Esquites with Crab, and a potato tetela topped with Caviar—and be sure to save room for the Duck Carnitas (the best thing on the menu in my opinion).

This unmissable plate involves half of a juicy, roasted duck served in a cast-iron pan that literally shreds apart the second it touches the air, it's so tender. It comes paired with warm tortillas so you can make your own tender taco feast. Sharing this top-notch dish with one or two other people (and ordering a few rounds of mezcal margaritas) is the kind of power move that’ll make you want to revisit Cosme on a monthly basis.

The Four Horsemen

Where: 295 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 | Williamsburg 
Have dinner at The Four Horsemen, and there’s a good chance you’ll decide that wine should become your new extracurricular activity. You won’t just want to drink it (although mostly you’ll want to drink it)—you’ll also want to become the sort of person who knows a little about it.

You could easily spend a whole night here just sampling wine, but the food is what will make you want to come back. Like most wine bars, there’s cheese, charcuterie, and olives, and there’s even some homemade bread and butter. But who eats those things (except for the bread), because there’s so much other good stuff on the menu. Dishes change regularly but expect things like cured fish with yuzo kosho, saucy fried chicken with onions and mushrooms (my personal favorite), mussel skewers with aioli, and an excellent plate of fried potatoes.

Hometown BBQ
Where:  454 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 | Red Hook

Good BBQ is often something you have to travel for. Even in Texas, all the best ’cue is generally a car ride away. But the way we see it, the anticipation built from a little bit of travel is a good thing. The drive, the sweet smoky aroma upon entry, the line, and then finally confronting the beautiful, massive tray of BBQ before your face is all part of the experience. Well, New Yorkers, it’s time to put that friend with a car to good use. You need a ride to Red Hook.

First off, this is a Texas-sized restaurant. You could literally fit every other NYC BBQ restaurant inside of Hometown. The huge two-barn dust hall is filled with big bars, televisions, American flags, and even a stage for live music. Quite a bit of a departure from the BBQ joints that have been trying to fit into studio apartments in this city. As for the food, there are three absolute must orders at Hometown. 1) The gargantuan beef rib, which would give you a black eye if it hit you in the face. 2) The moist brisket, which has some of the most incredible crusty bark I've ever tasted. And 3) The pork ribs, which are the best I've had in this city.


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